NEW Replacement Cable Cam Drivers for RACOR's

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Replacement Steel Cable Drive Cam for the RACOR® PHL-1

We noticed some customers (not of any of them being Topsy customers) that bought the RACOR® Hoists have experienced a problem with the platform dropping without warning. This was caused by the cheap plastic cable drive cam breaking. We have solved this problem by making a replacement cable drive cam out of 100% steel. These are made to the exact same specs as the OEM, only a lot stronger. So feel more confident when removing your Wrangler top by adding this upgrade to your hoist.

Discontinued When Out.

Kit Includes:

  • Set of 2 Replacement Steel Cable Cam Driver Plates
                     (Note: Colors may vary)

  Installation Instructions: Cable Cams PDF


Topsy Products had no affiliation with RACOR® Incorporated.