Adapter Bar for Lange Hoist-A-Top®

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Rear Adapter Bar for Lange Hoist-A-Top® Lift

Do you have a Lange Hoist-A-Top (Not Included) and want to use Topsy Hinge Brackets? We have a solution for that. Our rear Adapter Bar is the answer. It bolts to the rear frame of your existing Lange Hoist (Not Included) where the rear window J-hook would normally attach and extends the attachment points outwards to be used with the Topsy Hoist Bracket & Strap kits. 

This works with both 2 door and 4 door Wranglers, on JK, JL and TJ/YJ models.  Everything is included to convert your Lange system (Not Included) to use the Topsy Hinge Brackets. 

NOTE: Does NOT include Lange Hoist-a-Top Frame and you will need to purchased it separately 

Full Kit Includes:

  • One 35" Adapter Bar
  • All Mounting Hardware
  • 2 short straps (NO long strap)*
  • 2 Hinge brackets (choose JK or JL or TJ/YJ model)

Also available as Adapter Bar only. No hinge brackets, No Straps

Hinge Brackets are NOT interchangeable. Please choose correct kit to match your Wrangler model.
Also, NO front strap or extra mounting hardware is included, as you will use the existing mounts from the Lange system.  If you would like to use our long front strap, it would need to be purchased separately. 

*Strap color may vary do to current supply chain issues.